Discover the Squishmallows x VeeFriends Collection!

VeeFriends has partnered with Jazwares to launch an exclusive, limited edition collection of Squishmallows featuring four VeeFriends characters: Intuitive Iguana, Humble Hedgehog, Adventurous Astronaut, and Karma Kiwi!

The VeeFriends mission is to promote self-discovery and positivity through the lovable VeeFriends characters. ❤️

What is VeeFriends?

VeeFriends is a contemporary entertainment company that leverages art, storytelling, collecting, events, and innovative technologies to propel their intellectual property. The mission of VeeFriends is to highlight the traits and attributes of its 283 characters to make soft skills cool and create a global movement of positivity, kindness, and accountability.

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