The 21 Best TikTok Toys for 2022

Dec 1, 2022

Once you start down the TikTok rabbit hole, it’s practically impossible to get out. And as soon as the algorithm starts sensing what you like, your FYP will be filled with the most random delights in the world. That’s when you’ll start seeing people (often grown adults, sometimes kids) playing with some of the most bizarre and fascinating toys. Somedays it seems like TikTok is basically the new “As seen on TV” and before you know it you’ll have a wild bubble gun or a Squishmallow in your Amazon shopping cart. If you are looking for a holiday gift for a TikTok fanatic, we’ve rounded up some of the toys that are trending on the app.

Ludwig the frog is a favorite for Squishmallow fans, and these ultra plush, super cuddly stuffed friends are a must for any TikTok lover. A giant pile of these pillow-y pals makes bedtime a lot more fun.

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