Kellytoy Expands Squishmallows With Reversible Flip-A-Mallows

Jun 8, 2020

The latest addition to the Squishmallows line is the reversible Flip-A-Mallows plushes, available in six styles with 12 characters total. Read the latest from aNb Media.

“The two sizes available, five-inch and 12-inch, are for all ages and come in six character combinations, including: Gordon the Shark/Ricky the Clownfish, Reginald the Corgi/Karina the Calico Cat, Dawn the Fawn/Winston the Owl, Devin the Dragon/Esmeralda the Unicorn, Willow the Pegasus/Tim the Alpaca, and Sharie the Sloth/Hans the Hedgehog.”

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